Christmas songs to get in the festive spirit

Christmas is getting nearer and nearer!!!

Here is a video playlist of the famous Xmas music that you can hear when you are doing last-minute Xmas shopping in ALL the shops in the the UK.

Almost all of the songs contain the sound of sleigh-bells and numerous references to all the same Xmas cliches like presents, trees, snow and Santa Claus. However, the strangest song that’s included in the British Xmas songs list is by Jona Lewie, called Stop the Cavalry. This song is actually about war, but the word ‘Christmas’ appears once in the song. Way back in the 80s, this song was at number 1 over the Xmas period one year and since then it has been forever linked to the Christmas feeling in the UK. Funny, eh?

Which is your favourite song here? (Let me know in the comments below)

Of course all these songs are what the Brits listen to in the festive season.
But what about your culture?
What songs does everyone know, love to hear and sing-along to at this time of year to get in the festive spirit? (Leave a comment below, please)

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