Christmas in London

Many of us will be waking up and walking into the winter wonderland that is Christmas in London. ‘Tis the season to be merry’ as the Christmas Carol goes, and certainly merriment is very much on the Christmas agenda, as alcohol-fuelled office party upon office party spill out onto the late night streets of the city, filling the icy air with the sounds of bonhomie and raucous laughter. Christmas in London of course means many things, serious shopping definitely being one of them. The city, famous for its shops and shopping streets, is, as always, the setting for an orgy of credit card spending as children’s wish lists are (partly) fulfilled by doting parents, and glittering shops suck you into their glossy warmth shamelessly encouraging you to buy buy buy. Of course Christmas in London, as elsewhere, also means time spent with family and friends, away from the hurly burly and frenetic pace that characterise the city. To complement this, on Christmas Day, almost everywhere in London closes, so the city seems completely shrouded in silence and the whole day feels like an endless early Sunday morning….peaceful and benevolent. Of course one item very much desired but usually missing from a Christmas in London, is snow. Well, it seems that this year all those snowy scenes depicted on a million Christmas cards could reflect the reality of Christmas in London 2010. It is predicted by the experts that the white stuff from the sky is expected to fall down upon us on Christmas Day here in London. Hallelujah!

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