Chris Stark interviews Mila Kunis/ The best Mila Kunis interview ever

The latest internet viral hit features a nervous British BBC radio presenter doing a Mila Kunis interview. These kinds of interviews normally feature questions like:

What is the film about Which character do you play? How much did you enjoy making the film? Why should people watch your film?   Well, in this interview the questions were slightly different. They were mainly about the presenter inviting Mila out for a drink and to a soccer match. Scott, the interviewer also managed to teach Mila a lot about modern British youth culture. What’s fantastic about the interview is that it was a real conversation about the people’s lives rather than just the same answers to the same questions that everyone asks. Before you watch the interview between Chris and Mila, check the following words and phrases to help you understand what they talk about:


Down the pub             at the pub The boys                     a young man’s friends who goes to the pub with Lad points                   praise from other young men Dosser                        a lazy person who does nothing Kick off                        the beginning of a football match Chant                           sing and repeat a short phrase about football players To bosh a pint             to drink a pint of beer To neck a pint              to drink a pint at once To bartend                   to work at a bar serving beer A plus one                   another person who you can invite to a social event   Watch the interview then check how much you understand with our quiz.     Quiz LEAVE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW – I WILL TELL YOU WHICH ANSWERS YOU GOT RIGHT!   1. Where is Scott used to being?   Down his local pub with the boys Down the street with his brothers   2. What will Scott get for interviewing Mila?   A round of drinks and a bottle of whiskey Massive lad points and maybe a free drink   3. What’s a ‘lad bomb’?   An alcoholic drink An explosive   4. What is the name of Scott’s local pub?   The Misty Moon The Watford pub   5. What does Sir Dosser do?   He writes films He writes music   6. Which football team does Scott support?   Watford football club Manchester United   7. What is Nandos?   A chicken restaurant A beef restaurant   8. What time is kick off?   1 p.m. 3 p.m.   9. What will they do on the terraces?   Sing songs and chant Play football   10. What will they do at half time?   Have a hot dog and drink some Coke Have a steak n’ ale or chicken balti pie and bosh a few pins   11. How quickly can Mila neck a pint?   Very slowly because she’s never drunk Very quickly because she used to bartend   12. What’s Dicko doing soon?   Getting married Getting divorced   13. What did Dicko tell Scott?   That he could have a plus one to the wedding That he could go to the wedding   Scott’s boss wasn’t very happy about how his first interview went. Watch this video to see what he thinks during the next day’s live radio show:

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