Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and more fantastic socials

Hi everyone, Another week, another fun packed week of social activities. Jon took a handful of students to the pub this week. He told me that they were asking him for ideas about unusual places to visit in London. I'm sure he gave some great recommendations. There is so much to see and do here in London, it's fantastic! On Tuesday, Owen took the students on a chilling Jack the Ripper Walk. My students told me that they really enjoyed it. We ended up discussing who he was in class. We came to the conclusion that Jack might have been a woman!! Who knows?!! On Wednesday, Owen took a big group of students to one of the best shows around at the moment – the amazing 'Charlie and the chocolate factory'! What a fantastic opportunity and only for 26 quid! That's what I call a right bargain! I was told the seats were fantastic and one of my students said her hands hurt at the end because she was clapping so much.   On Thursday, Hannah took a few students to the National History Museum. It's one of the best museums in London, one of my favourites. Hannah said 'Only a small group went to The Natural History Museum yesterday. The students enjoyed all the dinosaur displays and other extinct animals. The highlights though were the Earth's Treasures exhibition where hundreds of crystals and rare rocks are on display. After the museum, a few students even went to the pub!' Hannah even took a lovely photo of them all outside the museum. photo museum   Tonight as per usual is club night. We've sold out of tickets so tonight's event at Tiger Tiger must be a popular one! For all of you who are going, I hope you have a great night. I'm starting to plan the school Halloween Party.. I hope you can all make it and now is the time to start thinking about your costume!   Danielle

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