Buying a Present for Jo’s Sister

Barney and Jo, two teachers, are in the staff room at SGI. Jo’s sister, Hannah, is 30 at the weekend and they are trying to decide what present to buy her. Barney-and-Jo-buy-a-present 1.Please listen to their conversation. What present do they finally choose? 2.What did Barney already know about Hannah and what new things did he learn about her? Please listen again and complete the table with the information in the box.

Hannah likes clothes Hannah likes hats
Hannah doesn’t like pink Hannah doesn’t like perfume
What Barney Already Knew What Barney Didn’t Know

3.Please complete the key sentences. Listen again to check your answers. What do you notice about the intonation (the music of the voice) at the end of each sentence? Does it go up or down?

  • She doesn’t like the obvious things like perfume, __________? (Up/Down)
  • She likes clothes, __________? (Up/Down)
  • She probably likes hats, __________? (Up/Down)
  • Surely she doesn’t like pink, __________? (Up/Down)

4.These types of sentences are called question tags – a tag is something small which we include or add to something big, for example in a clothes shop a T-shirt has a price tag. Question tags are a very common way of involving the other person in conversation by asking for or confirming information. Please look at the examples in exercise 3 above and complete the rules for how we make and use question tags using the key words in the box.

  • When we already know the information and just want confirmation our voice goes ____
  • When we don’t know the information and are really asking for something new our voice goes ____
  • When the main part of the sentence is affirmative, the tag is ___________
  • When the main part of the sentence is negative, the tag is ___________
  • To complete the tag we need to use the auxiliary verb, for example ____, in the correct tense.

That was interesting, wasn’t it?

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