Busy Busy Week! Pub, Rainy Walk, Bowling, Horse Stories and… Pub Quiz!

The school is so crowded at the moment! We even have to move to Westminster University (nice big rooms!) because there are so many students! It's quite a buzz around here! We also had lots of people joining the social activities, a few disappointments, but overall, it all went well! On Monday, Hannah and I took what seemed to be 100 people to the pub for a free drink… It was a little bit chaotic, but after having fought our way through the extensive drinks requests, we managed to serve everyone, and most people were able to find a seat, have a good chat with other students about their first day etc… Hannah and I enjoyed our drink too after the big rush! We chatted about things to do in London, and gave a few directions to people who were heading off for a spot of sightseeing…               On Tuesday, Owen and Kevin (accompanied by the loyal Jess, Owen's poodle) took a record breaking 70 people to the South Bank, via St Paul's Cathedral and the Millenium (or "wobbly") Bridge. It was very wet! A number of students decided, half way along, to go their own way, but most soldiered on in the pouring rain, and learned lots of interesting things about the area of London, South of the river.                     On Wednesday, it was "very keen Alex" and Kevin who took 28 students bowling in Bloomsbury. A little less students this time as we discovered that the bowling lane wouldn't allow people under 18 years old in after 4pm… We'll make sure we have a better venue next time, not to worry! The 28 who did go got very competitive, with 4 people getting the highest scores: Sava, Stephane, Gosin, and the teacher Alex!! They had a great time!             Finally on Thursday, Owen got some tickets for a great great show: War Horse. The students came into school today talking about how great it had been, how well-made the horse puppets were (indeed, no real horses in the theatre!) and how emotional the journey had been. Thanks Owen, it's so great to be able to see all those great shows for such good discounted prices! Only negative thing: We had to turn down too many students! We needed more tickets!! (Watch out for next week's show which is illimited!!) Tonight is a big night! We're hosting a pub quiz at the King & Queen, a nearby pub… It should be fun!! We might see you there, and there'll be a post next week to tell you how it all went!! Have a nice weekend!                

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