Business English vocabulary – to get the sack; to be sacked

If you are in the business world, then sooner or later you will have to sack someone… or you may even get the sack yourself! Here are some other ways to talk about this in beautiful Business English vocabulary.  The inevitable has finally happened – David Moyes, the manager of Manchester United got the sack this morning, after a terrible run of results this season. Even though yesterday the board of directors insisted that Moyes would not be fired, first thing this morning, Man Utd released a statement explaining that the manager had been dismissed and will be replaced by Ryan Giggs as an interim manager until a permanent replacement is appointed. It was only a matter of time before Moyes was given his marching orders after losing alomst 50% of the games he has managed. Why wasn't he layed off sooner?  


The Truth why Man Utd waited until now to sack Moyes

  Apparently, in Moyes' contract, there was a get-out clause, which states that if Man Utd did not qualify for the Champions League, then he could be given the elbow and only be paid for one more year. This is why the board waited until today (when it is mathematically impossible for Man U to get to the Champions League) – if they had sacked him before now, they would have had to pay him compensation for the full six years of his contract.  

Business English words for sacking someone

to get the sack

to give someone the sack

to sack someone

to be sacked

to be fired,

to get fired,

to fire someone

to be dismissed,

to dismiss someone

to be given your marching orders,

to give someone their marching orders

to be layed off,

to lay off someone  

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