Business English Interview Skills – Toughest job in the world?

Business English Interview skills can be learned so that even in the toughest job interview you can sound professional, organised and react well to difficult questions. However, sometimes, interviewees will say anything to try to get the job, even when the interviewer is being totally unreasonable, laying down job conditions that nobody in their right mind would do on a daily basis. Here is a video of an English job interview with crazy working conditions. Thankfully, the people being interviewed did NOT sell themselves down the river and say whatever they thought that the interviewer wanted to hear. Good job, too, because there is a big surprise that happens when the people finally realise which job they are applying for. Enjoy the Business English that the interviewer is using. Even though the working conditions sound ridiculous, and the salary is unbelievable, the English that the man uses is exactly the type of language you hear in this interview context.

Interview skills Business English

Do you have interview skills good enough to get this job?

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