Business English: 6 Figure Jobs

Read the text about 6 figure jobs to practise your Business English. Some phrases about jobs are highlighted and explained below. Don’t forget to answer the quiz and leave comments about the discussion questions.

Practically every country in Europe seems to be struggling financially at the moment. The crisis has bankrupted a variety of companies and as a result unemployment rates continue to climb. Bonuses and pay rises have been put on hold, possibly indefinitely, and some salaries have even been reduced. Nonetheless, there are still a few jobs which remain profitable and offer around $100,000 a year. In this post we’ll take a look at 5 of these lucrative occupations.

Human Resource manager

A HR manager generally controls everything to do with personnel from recruitment upwards. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find an entire HR department in some companies. As HR has grown in importance so have the salaries so it’s no wonder that top HR managers can earn in excess of $170,000 not including perks and bonuses.
Technical writer

Forget writing novels, if you have solid technical knowledge and decent written English then seriously consider changing career. A technical writer creates and maintains documents which can be anything from user manuals to publicity material. The job requires strong IT skills as much of the work is often online but you can expect around $110,000 in return.
Art director

Drama may not have seemed a profitable subject at school but for those few who are talented and lucky enough to be in charge of theatrical productions, they live an extremely comfortable lifestyle. On average, an art director takes home $97,000 while the top 10% earn an astounding $168,000.  There are strings attached though as long hours, intense schedules and regular travel are normally part of the job.
Gaming manager

There are few industries as stable as the gambling one. Casinos have always attracted customers and show few signs of losing their appeal, even in the financial crisis. The people in charge of casino operations are called ‘gaming managers’, they supervise everything that goes on in a casino and also manage the staff. The highest earners in this industry rake in $116,070 a year and also earn other benefits.

The glamorous lifestyle of a commercial airline pilot is not everyone’s cup of tea due to the constant travel. Although there have been reductions in pay and several airlines have gone bankrupt, there are still more than a few pilots and co-pilots pilots banking $117,310 a year. This is in stark contrast to the $23,000 offered to new pilots by a few companies which has affectively reduced the number of people choosing to enter the industry.
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Business English: Job phrases

Extra pay for working hard
To put sthg on hold
To stop it for a period of time
Lucrative occupations
Jobs that pay a lot of money
It’s no wonder that
It is not surprising that
In excess of
More than
Extra benefits
Solid technical knowledge
Good and reliable
Decent written English
Strong IT skills
Highly competent
User manuals
A book with instructions about how to operate sthg
Publicity material
Anything used for advertising sthg
To do X and get Y in return
To earn Y
To take home an amount of money
To make and receive money
There are strings attached
There are conditions
To supervise
To monitor
To rake in an amount of money
To earn and receive money
Not everyone’s cup of tea
Not suitable for everyone
To be banking an amount of money
To be earning
In stark contrast to Y
Completely different to Y


Discussion questions

Which is the best job? Why?

Why are these jobs well-paid?

Which other jobs pay a lot of money? Why?

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