Business cards + asking and giving opinions

Everyone business person needs to have a business card. Why? Because you can give it to new people you meet and it shows them who you are, what you do and has your contact details. You can buy cheap cards or spend a lot of money on professional ones.

In general, the more important you are the better your card should be.

Have a look at this video where people are comparing business cards:   They use different ways to ask for opinions about the cards: What do you think? Look at that! Look at this!   They also use the typical English word ‘nice’ which we like because it can be used to lie. So, if you say something is ‘nice’ you may actually not like it but you feel you have to say something positive in the situation. Maybe you don’t want to make the others angry by giving your opinion and saying how you really feel. Here are some ‘nice’ words they use: Nice Very nice That is really nice   And some other phrases: Impressive That’s really super It’s very cool   In these situations you should try not to repeat what other people say but not to sound too creative. These are different phrases you could use: Wow! I’m impressed That’s really something I’m speechless   In the video they also use ‘but’ and then a phrase to introduce something better. This is what they say: But that’s nothing! But wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet!   These phrases are useful when you are being competitive and saying that your next thing is better than the current one. For instance: A:Look at my card. B:Wow! C:Impressive D:But that’s nothing, look at this! C:Nice A:That’s really something B:But wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet. What do you think of this card?   This can continue and continue.

Questions for comment section

  1. Do you have a business card?
  2. How important are they in your country?
  3. What do you say when you see a business card?
  4. What do you compete with people about in conversations?

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