British Quiz – How much do you know about Britain?

How much do you know about Britain? When you learn a language, you also learn a little bit about the culture. If you are learning British English, then here is a British quiz of some basic knowledge that probably the majority of young schoolchildren in England know about the country they live in. This is an easy British quiz for learners of English to learn some of the most famous bits of culture from London and the UK. Here is a short video to help you with some of the British questions.

Briitish Quiz - How much do you know about Britain

How much do you know about Britain?

For example, do you know…? – Who will be the next King or Queen of England? – Anything about the names of traditional British food? – Anything about the great English game called ‘cricket’? – Any famous music groups from Britain? – Where the names of famous London buildings and where they are located in the capital city?

HOW DID YOU DO? ARE YOU BRITISH ENOUGH? 🙂 Tell us your results, or ask any questions in the comments below.


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