Boxing Idioms: Nexus 7 v i-Pad

Several boxing idioms are highlighted and explained to help you in this article about the new Google Nexus 7 tablet. Read the text and tell us what you think. 

The tablet wars just got tougher. Before, Apple was duking it out with Samsung, and Amazon but now there’s a new contender for the crown of best tablet. Google have entered the ring with the Nexus 7. Apple used to be the undisputed heavyweight tablet champion but then came along Samsung who became a serious contender. Yes, Apple created the whole market and is incredibly popular due to quality of product but Samsung now sell more tablets some say. Google are now going head to head with Apple to become the number 1 tablet producer. Their tablet may be smaller but is a lot cheaper. Both companies are now trading punches in the advertising war. The web is full of comparisons saying which is best and why. It seems like nobody is holding any punches. Sales and orders of the Nexus are so big that Google can’t deal with them. People are even calling the Nexus the iPad killer, saying that the Nexus is a real knock out. It looks great and is very comfortable to hold. Make no mistake, the gloves are off and both companies are coming out fighting. With big companies like these seeking world domination they take no prisoners. At the moment it seems like round 1 goes to the Nexus but Apple isn’t ready to throw the towel in just yet. Rumours are that an iPad is about to throw the next punch as the iPad mini will be launched soon. It looks like Apple are not out for the count yet.

Boxing idioms

duking it out
contender for the crown
a challenger for the number 1 position
entered the ring
entered the market or competition
undisputed heavyweight
everyone agrees that it is the best
going head to head
becoming a direct competitor
trading punches
fighting each other
holding any punches
attacking as hard as possible
knock out
extremely impressive
the gloves are off
to take sth very seriously
coming out fighting
to start aggressively
take no prisoners
to be merciless and not worrying who is hurt
round 1 goes to the Nexus
the Nexus won the first part
to throw the towel in
to surrender / to give up
to throw the next punch
to do the next attack
out for the count
to be knocked out or beaten

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