Boat Trip, Drinks, Afternoon Tea and the Tate Modern



On Monday Nicky and I took everyone to the pub for a drink. We talked about the different cultures and how some words in English are rude words in other languages. Two of the Russians sat listening to music and nursing their drinks whilst everyone else had a conversation about how English men are really tall. It was at this point I had to admit that I couldn’t tell the difference as everyone seems tall to me!

Tuesday was afternoon tea, Dan and Nicky took a few top Browns in Covent Garden where they had scones and cakes while Dan had endless pots of tea.  Benedict and Pawel both shunned the tea for a glass of wine and Takehiro was the star eating a double portion!


On Wednesday Dan and I went with a select few on a boat down the Thames. We started off at Westminster and turned around at St Katherine’s dock where the captain started giving us a talk about all the amazing buildings and history London has to offer. Takehiro again impressed us with his knowledge of London and was the first to point out the Fish Market. We were all going a bit red from the sun so we decided to go for a drink in a pub in Trafalgar square before moving on for some street noodles.


Danielle took one student to the Tate Modern yesterday. They went along and saw some amazing art while wondering how the rest was even classified as art. There was an exhibition of Damien Hirst but unfortunately it wasn’t free so they gave it a miss.

I Hope you all enjoy the weekend and the weather. See you Monday…

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