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R&R 40: Listen to English - Christmas in the UK

   The 'Real and Relevant' podcasts help you listen to English in a completely real and natural way. You can hear two mother-tongue speakers (and also English teachers) discussing everyday subjects without any script or planning.  

Christmas in the UK

How should I use the Listen to English podcasts?

When you listen to a foreign language that you are learning, you can NOT make a mistake! That's a good start.

As you listen, you also improve your listening skills and you absorb grammar and vocabulary without having to work hard.

So, listen and... - improve your English listening skills - improve your comprehension - widen your vocabulary - learn about English culture and the UK mindset

In this conversation, you can hear two native speakers from England, Melissa and Bren.

Both are teachers at SGI English school in London.  

Pod Subject: Christmas in the UK

Pod People: Melissa & Bren SGI-040-Xmas-traditions

  Enjoy the podcast. Why not join in the conversation by leaving us a comment?  

Questions for Comments Section

  What do you do at Christmas time?

What are your 'smells' of Xmas?

Is Christmas too commercial now?

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