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R&R 33: English stereotypes from abroad

Real and relevant conversation between two native-speaker English teachers: that's what our podcasts are about and here's the latest where we speak about what people from other countries think about the British. What are the English stereotypes from abroad?

    English stereotypes from abroad  

In this podcast, we have two English teachers, Barney and Bren. Barney is the Director of the SGI English school in Vicenza, Italy.   SGI-033-English-Stereotypes Pod Subject: English Stereotypes, as seen from abroad Pod People: Barney & Bren   Barney mentions several stereotypes that people from abroad have about the English. Do you think the same about the English or have you got a different opinion due to personal experience?     You may also like...   Stereotypes of the English (by English people)   And here's Barney introducing SGI in London  

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