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Grammar Test - Your v You're, It's v its and their v they're

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it's v its, you're v your, they're v their English grammar test

When do you use you're and when do you use your?

What's the difference between it's and its?

How do you use they're or their and there?

(If you think you already know, go to the bottom of this page and take the grammar test. If you are not sure, keep reading... and then take the test)

There is a big grammatical difference and if you are sitting an English exam like the IELTS test, if you make a grammar mistake with these apostrophe (') and contraction issues, it will NOT look good and you will definitely lose points!

This is basic English grammar which you must get right in a written exam.


You're = you are

Example: You're late! / You are late!

*your late - INCORRECT


Your = shows 'possession'

For other 'people' this is: mine/his/hers/its/ours/theirs

Example: Hey, you left your bag over there!

*You left you're bag over there - INCORRECT


​For more details and grammar examples, see the you're vs your full grammar article here. 

And..... You're v Your - 10 question grammar test with pictures


It's = it is

Example: It's so warm today / It is so warm today

*Its so warm today - INCORRECT


Its = shows 'possession'

You can use its to describe the qualities of things like places, pets and objects

Example: London is famous for its fish n chips.  /   My dog is so lovely. Its eyes are beautiful.   /    Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes is the fastest in F1. Its top speed is 290 km/h

*London is famous for it's (it is) fish n chips - INCORRECT


Also.... it's = it has

Examples: It's been so nice to meet you face to face finally  /   My laptop is so slow. It's been rubbish ever since I downloaded that torrent.

*Its been so nice to meet you... - INCORRECT


​For more details and grammar examples, see the it's v its full grammar article here. 

And a 10 question it's v its grammar test (with pictures)


They're = They are

This is a contraction like:  I am / you are / he is  etc

Example: They're making too much noise!

* There making too much noise - INCORRECT


Their = shows possession

This is like mine / your / its / our etc

Example: I think that is their car, isn't it?

*I think that is there car, isn't it? - INCORRECT


There = tells you where something is


That boy over there is looking at you

Look over there! What is that guy doing?


There = tells you something exists


There are 11 players in a football team

There is a problem with this laptop.


​For more details and grammar examples, see the they're vs there vs their full grammar article here. 

And a 10 question grammar test on They're v their v there (with pictures to help you)


Now take the 10 question test... 

Grammar Test: your v you're / it's v its / they're v there v their 





You're v Your - 10 question grammar test with pictures

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