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Commentators Cause Crisis

Sexism Scandal

A few days ago two of the most recognized voices in football, Andy Grey and Richard Keys, got new jobs as sports commentators on radio. For them it was a good end to a bad fortnight which had started with them making sexist comments about a female match official and resulted in them losing their prestigious jobs on Sky Sports after more evidence of sexism was made public.

Fair or Not

While some say it is just ‘political correctness gone mad’ as the commentators were trying to be funny, it actually highlights the fact that football is years behind the rest of the country in terms of attitudes and equality. Yet the Premier League is a multi-billion pound industry and one of the most famous and visible elements of English life. The facts speak for themselves. There are only a handful of women involved in the sport and people talk of institutionalised racism given that there are hardly any black managers and virtually no Asian players. Homophobia is also clearly a problem as there is not one openly gay professional footballer in the country.

What Next?

The real question is not if what they said is acceptable but how many other people in football are saying discriminatory things. The next issue is how can the rest of the country make football join the real world? How about in your country? Are there any areas in your country which are so obviously behind the times?

1the racisma racistracist behaviour
2the sexisma sexistsexist behaviour
3the prestige a prestigious job
4the politicsa politicianpolitical correctness
5the equality equal opportunities
6homophobia  homophobic behaviour
7the discrimination discriminatory behaviour


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