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Andy Murray went down fighting in the Wimbledon Tennis final on Sunday.

The ambitious young Scotsman really had his eyes on the prize this year as Rafael Nadal had been knocked out earlier in the tournament.

However, Roger Federer was going to stop at nothing as he was gunning for his seventeenth major singles title. He had defeated Murray in three previous Grand Slam finals without the Scot even winning a set. But since training with his new coach (the legendary Ivan Lendl), Murray has become much more driven and single-minded in his pursuit of glory.

There was a feeling amongst the British public that this could have been Murray's time to shine as it is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee – the last British winner was Virginia Wade in 1977 in the summer of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. So with the partisan support this time, Andy was extremely focussed and won the first set.

But Federer's never-say-die attitude proved that he is still incredibly motivated to show that he may just be the best player ever….even years after he had been written off as a has-been.

For Murray it's a case of back to the drawing board, but surely it's only a matter of time before he goes all the way and wins his first Grand Slam. Until that day, he will be called a Scotsman, but if he wins we will call him a Brit!  🙂  


Being Determined

to go down fighting
to lose but not giving up until the game is completely over
showing determination to succeed
to have your eyes on the prize
to only be focussed on success
to be gunning for sth/sb
to really try to acheive something with all your effort
to be driven
to be very ambitious
to be single-minded
to only have one goal/target
to be focussed
very concentrated on acheiving something
never-say-die attitude
never giving up
to be motivated
to have a strong aim
back to the drawing board
to start again with new plans so that you can have a new method of acheiving success
to go all the way
to be successful

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