Beginning of October Socials

Hi everyone, I can't believe it's already October – where has the summer gone? It's starting to get a bit cold here in London. Okay that's enough about the weather, lets move on to the Socials this week. As per usual, we started the week off at the Pub. Jon took the students to a different pub because our local is closed at the moment. Jon said that everyone had a great time discussing British culture. Tuesday was a beautiful day with the sun shining, which most of you students must have liked because we had a great turn out for the Royal Gardens walking Tour. Owen is a teacher here at SGI but also a qualified tour guide. His walks are fantastic – an absolute must! Jemma who is also a teacher came on the walk with Owen and they have opposite opinions on the Royal family. Owen thinks they are harmless and doesn't think it's a problem having a monarchy. Jemma thinks we should have an elected head of state, or else we are not truly a democracy. Some students had a busy day because after the Royal Gardens Walk they headed straight to the Shakespeare's Globe to watch one of Shakespeare's most powerful and bloody plays – 'Macbeth'. On Wednesday Dan tried to take the students bowling but unfortunately the lanes were all booked up. This activity is postponed for another week. On Thursday Hannah took a handful of students to the Saatchi Art Gallery on the famous Kings Road in Chelsea. The admission is free however they all decided to pay some money for an exhibition. Hannah has never been there before and she said she loved it. Tonight is club night in 'Grace Bar' near Piccadilly Circus, if you're going have a fab night! Enjoy you're weekend and see you all next week. We have some fantastic activities next week!   Danelle 🙂

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