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On Monday Charlie was joined by about 25 people for the weekly free drink at the Cock, a nice traditional English pub. He discussed the different choices: Lager – Ale – Stout – Blond… All different types of beer. In the end, most went for the traditional lager – although in general, Eastern European and Asian students seem to have a soft spot for guinness! (a stout). Some students were just coming back from a trip to Brighton at the weekend, which they really enjoyed (Brighton is about an hour away on the train, on the South coast) so the discussion went that way for a while… They also compared the level of spoken (or well spoken) English in their respective countries. Apparently the German are very strong, but the Italians are not so keen on it… At SGI however we meet loads of different people from different nationalities and abilities, and there can't really be a stereotype… Julia, on Wednesday, went along with 5 students to the Victoria & Albert Museum in Kensington. As predicted in my last post, it was the Jewellery section that got the most interest (even with the guys!), although the photography exhibition followed closely. Feedback: Students enjoyed it very much – I even had one of my students this morning, Philippo, commenting on how great the London museums are, and how they're better than the ones in Rome!!!  London 1 Rome 0      😉 Finally on Thursday Gavin went North to Camden Market with a little group. Now, what kind of things can you find in Camden? One of our students bought a recycled dress: made of a pair of old trousers and a couple of ties… interesting! The students thought it was great, and stayed on after Gavin had left to complete their visit (although i don't think I'll ever manage to complete my visit of Camden… it's Ginormous!!) The good thing is that you don't have to buy anything in Camden, visiting is the best bit! Next week Owen is back with his walks so get your walking shoes on, he's gonna take you around the best bits of London on Tuesday Also to come: Anish Kapoor Exhibition in Kensington Gardens and Afternoon Tea at Browns with Amy… yum yum And the week after… Halloween… look out for the Friday Event!

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