Bank Holiday Monday, 2000 Years of History, A Little Bit of Shakespeare and A Little Modern Art

Now the school is really much calmer. On Monday, SGI was open for the morning, but lessons finished at 1.30pm, and teachers and students alike went to do their own thing, taking advantage of the bank holiday. On Tuesday, the social programme was back in business with Owen and Alex accompanying about 18 students through the City of London, where they saw old Roman ruins, from the time when London was Roman, and called Londinium – the big skyscrapers, a contrast! The magnificent St Paul's Cathedral, and other great stuff. One student who was obviously very keen to join the walk managed to find the group late, which is impressive! The weather was looking a little threatening, but it stayed dry and they had a good time.   On Wednesday, Owen got us one of his great theatre deals, and I got quite a lot of good feedback from the play: "Much Ado About Nothing". They went to see this at the Globe, and paid only £6 for the experience! Understanding the actors were not always easy to understand, but thanks to some really great acting, the students were able to get the story line and had a really good time. Also said it was really great value for money and would recommend it to anyone visiting London! If you missed it this time, make sure you get your name on the list the next time Owen finds us a similar deal! On Thursday, for the final event of the week, Alex and Kevin this time took a trip down to the Tate Modern, that amazing modern art gallery on the Southbank. They got there by taking the tube to St Paul's and crossing the Millenium Bridge (Wobbly Bridge), and 15 of them had a good look around the place. The first thing they saw did make them wonder about modern art in itself: a candle on a piece of paper on which the word "candle" was written. A little simple maybe? But the fans of modern art would certainly argue (one of them is our student Elisa who gave me her opinion on why modern art is so great – so now I know!) This is it for the week, a little short, but as I said, it's quieter around here after the summer madness, however we'll still have a good time next week if you're with us! So join us then! The following photos have also been published on the SGI page on Facebook!


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