Back idioms: Reality Bites

The daddy of all reality TV shows has returned. Yes, Big Brother is back from the dead! Last year the British version of the show was finally cancelled after 10 years on air, and most people were glad to see the back of it. Unfortunately for us, we’re back to square one as another TV company, channel 5, has revived the show. The original show was broadcasted way back in 2000, and I remember it well and how everyone was excited about this fresh, original show. Basically, 11 people were put in a house together and they were slowly evicted one-by-one by TV viewers. They were given tasks and would always be on each other’s back about something resulting in arguments and housemates stabbing each other in the back. Additionally, a live feed of the house would be shown at night – even if it’s just of them sleeping. It was so tedious and annoying, but for some reason, people loved it. Soon after, there was a “celebrity” version. Instead of normal people, they brought in C-list celebrities, ranging from Sylvester Stallone’s mum to Dennis Rodman.  Thinking back, they probably needed the money.  However, this only seemed to heighten the popularity of it until recently, when a politician went on the show and dressed up as a cat and started acting like one. I think that was the straw which broke the camel’s back for most people. However, now that Channel 5 is backing up the show, they are starting the new series with the Celebrity and normal version back-to-back. I really hope that nobody watches it and channel 5 decides to back out of the deal to broadcast it for the next 2 years. In fact, I don’t know anyone who’s watching it now, so you never know. To be honest, the only half-decent thing to come out of Big Brother was the famous English comedian, Russell Brand. He started his career as a presenter of one of the spin-off shows connected with it. Otherwise, TV shows really need to go back to the drawing board for new ideas. Unfortunately for people like me, the other big reality singing TV show, X-Factor, has also just started again!

Back Expressions

Back from the dead
when something/someone returns when you think it’s gone forever
See the back of something
happy that something/someone is no more
Back to square one
start again from the very beginning
Way back
a long time ago
Be on someone’s back
bothering someone about something
Stab someone in the back
to betray someone
Think back
remembering something
The straw which broke the camel’s back
the last thing that happened after which one said no more
Back up
give one's support
one thing happens immediately after the other thing
Back out
not do the thing that was planned
Back to the drawing board
make new plans and start again from the very beginning

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