Baby Vocabulary: Kate’s baby King

With the future heir to the throne being born, there is lots of newborn baby vocabulary being used in the media right now.

Newborn Baby vocabulary

admitted to hospital
going in to hospital for medical treatment
the mother goes into labour
when the process starts of the baby being born
mother and baby are both doing well
both are healthy without any problems
the baby was delivered at
the baby was born at…
proud to be a grandfather
the classic, traditional thing to say when your child has a baby
to be overdue
when the baby is born later than expected by doctors
he has a good pair of lungs on him
meaning: “the baby cries loudly”
The Dad changed his first nappy
the father cleaned the baby’s bottom!
She cradled the baby in her arms
She hugged the baby in a gentle, motherly way
he has her looks
The baby’s face is similar to the mother
discharged from hospital
to leave hospital after receiving medical treatment
to be on paternity leave
the holiday that a father has when his wife has just had a baby. The longer holiday for the mother of a newborn baby is called MATERNITY LEAVE

  The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Windsor (or Kate Middleton as you might know her) was admitted to hospital earlier this week when she went into labour to give birth to the much awaited future King or Queen of England. Her son was a few days overdue, but was eventually delivered on Monday morning at 4.24am, weighing a “bouncing” 8lb 6oz (meaning that ‘It was a heavy baby’ = 3.79kg). Immediately after the birth, the hospital reported that “Mother and baby were both doing well and would remain in hospital overnight” The father, William was by the mother’s side as she gave birth and the hands-on husband had already changed his first nappy. William’s dad, Prince Charles said that he was delighted, overwhelmed, overjoyed, incredibly proud to be a grandfather for the first time (and using all the adjectives that he knew). When Kate was discharged from hospital the proud parents showed off the future heir to the waiting press and public and they said that they were all doing ‘fabulously’. The Duchess of Cambridge cradled the future king in her arms and Prince William joked that ‘fortunately, he has her looks‘ and that ‘he has a good pair of lungs on him, that’s for sure’. The Duke drove the Duchess and Baby Cambridge home to Kensington Palace, and he will spend two weeks there while he is on paternity leave.     You may also like… 1. Pregnant Kate: Pregnancy Vocabulary 2. Even future queens sometimes make spelling mistakes: Common Spelling mistakes 3. Future Perfect Tense – Kate will have had her baby by next week 4. Received Pronunciation: Speak like The Queen

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