Aquarium, Lion King and Afternoon Tea

Hi there! This week saw Ben and Rebecca taking the students to the pub for a drink and a chin wag! They both said they had a great time talking to their student about life in London. On Tuesday, Jon took the students to the Sea Life Aquarium and he said ' we saw all kinds of weird fish from all over the world as well as giant sea-turtles, manta-rays and sharks! ommmmmmg' I think he really enjoyed seeing all the fish.  aqaurium On Wednesday, Ben took the students for afternoon tea and a wonderful time was had by all. They drank British Tea with milk and ate Scones with jam and clotted cream. They were all spoilt for choice in the cake category – with lemon drizzle, fruit cake and chocolate cake to choose from! On Thursday I took the students to The Lion King in the West End! It was absolutely phenomenal! I absolutely loved it and so did the students! It's an absolute must whilst you're here in London! Tonight is club night in Pacha, if you're going, I hope you all have a fantastic time! Danielle  🙂    

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