Another Bank Holiday Monday, A Few Drinks, some Tea and Cakes, and a Long Sunny Walk!

Quite a nice warm week in London! On Monday, the school closed at 1pm, therefore there was no social, but the drinks were rescheduled and Julia took a little group to the Cock on Tuesday instead. They were 7 altogether, and had a chat about weddings – QUITE a few teachers are getting married soon, including Julia! They also talked about what it is like to work in the UK, and what the world would be like if everyone spoke the same language. Some were quite keen on this idea, understandibly, but Julia would be a little concerned about her job!! Finally they got to that great British conversation: The Weather: How much hotter it is at this season in other countries, compared to London…

Well it's supposed to be very warm this weekend, so let's enjoy that!

On Wednesday, Kevin took the students to Browns, a little "English" restaurant on St Martin's Lane, near Leicester Square, and they had the lovely Traditional Afternoon Tea": Scones, cakes, clotted cream, sandwiches, and of course, a big pot of tea… Yum yum! Finally yesterday, Owen played the Tour Guide through the narrow streets of Soho, to help the students discover the little secrets of the area. They went through the different squares, were told the different theatres' history, and finished near Big Ben, on Parliament Square by the Thames. Very warm and sunny, and enjoyable! Join us next week for science, punk behaviour, and a famous green OGRE!! Have a great weekend!

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