Anger phrases and idioms: Rant on a Tram

Lookout for the phrases and idioms related to anger, printed in bold throughout the text and then explained below Christmas is coming and the spirit of goodwill is already upon us. Well, not if you’re foreign and live in Croydon. One of the most recognised areas of the London riots has now become known for a certain woman’s ranting and raving. Last week while on a tram (yes, London has a tram service!), Emma West (pictured) was filmed with a face like thunder abusing fellow passengers – only ethnic minority ones – saying that they are not British, while swearing at the same time. It is not entirely clear what sparked the woman off, but she just started having a go at passengers for no good reason other than they were not white. When one passenger asked her to pack it in, calm down and mind her language because of little kids on the tram, she lashed out and said that she had a child too. The poor boy was sitting on her lap while it was all kicking off. The tram was packed at the time so a lot of people heard her. The reason why everyone knows about it is because it was also filmed and uploaded onto YouTube, which has now been viewed over 11 million times. She was in court yesterday charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence and burst into tears when she saw the video of herself. She was remanded in custody, which means that she will be held in prison until her next court appearance, when she will receive her sentence. This means that she will be behind bars over Xmas. It has been reported that the court took this decision to keep the women safe, as she has received lots of death threats and her address has been posted on the internet. They are trying to avoid the situation where someone takes the law into their own hands. Racism does make my blood boil but I would just like to assure students that London is a very tolerant city of other nationalities. Particularly now, you will find everyone in a good mood because of the Christmas period, and I am sure that is also the case in Croydon!  

Anger Phrases and Idioms

Ranting and raving
To speak or write in an angry or violent manner
A face like thunder
to look very, very angry
Spark something off
to start a reaction (normally aggressive)
To have a go at someone
to attack verbally
Pack it in
to stop doing something annoying or unacceptable
calm down
become quiet or less intense, especially after moment of aggression
Mind your language
be careful what you say and don't swear
To lash out
to attack in response to something
to be kicking off
a situation that is becoming aggressive
To burst into tearsdt>
start crying
take the law into your own hands
to be so angry about an illegal act that you react by commiting an illegal act yourself
sth makes your blood boil
something makes you extremely angry

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