Amazing art in Covent Garden

If you go down to Covent Garden Market today, something that you see will definitely make you stop and think.

It appears that a piece of the famous building in Covent Garden Piazza has broken in half and is levitating in mid-air.

This piece of visual magic is actually an art work by Alex Chinneck, who is famous for making optical illusions as art.

This replica of the 184 year-old building in Covent Garden is titled, Take my lightning, but don’t steal my thunder.

It will be on display until 24th October, so you have a few days left to go and see this amazing art installation.

Normally, Covent Garden is one of the stops on our London Guided Walks on the famous SGI Social Programme.

This week, the Student walk (hosted as always by teacher, Owen – the SGI professional London tourist guide) was 2000 years of London history.

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As always, there are tons of things to see and do in London… Tomorrow, you can see Lady Gaga at The O2 for 3 nights of her Pop Art Show in London.

Click here to see other events that you have missed , or can still see in October in the world’s coolest capital city

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