All Flavour Crisps, Bowling at the Trocadero & The science Museum

A little late this week, but better late than never! Here is the update regarding last week's social events: Amy enjoyed taking around 25 students to the pub on Monday for the usual free drinks. Conversations ranged from London / travelling / and the death penalty!! Topics are open! Apparently the cider was very popular, a great British drink that we have pints of! Along with "every flavour crisps": Cheese & Onion – Salt & Vinegar – Prawn Cocktail – Roast Chicken…. The possibilities are endless! On Wednesday, Charlie took a small group of 5 students bowling at the London Trocadero. They had a good time, although Incredibowl Charlie didn't live up to his name, and finished middle of the pack. Michi and Taka had a good fight for first place, and Taka was named Bowling Champion in the end! Thursday afternoon, Sonia embarqued on a little knowledge trip to the Science Museum in Kensington with only 3 students! Positive points: The Red Arrow Simulator – Sonia and her group experienced what it's like to fly in an acrobatic air show. It was a thrilling ride where they felt all the twists and turns of the jet plane (apart from actually riding upside down)… There are also 2 more "full-on" simulators, that they didn't try, but that apparently are NOT for the fain-hearted! A little negative – The "Future" exhibition on the 4th floor was disappointing as 2 of the 3 computers (The exhibits themselves) had crashed, and there was really nothing more to see there… As the summer is over, the number of students has diminished but I'll do my best to draw as many students as possible to the social programme, and to keep the outings interesting and fun!

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