Advanced vocabulary: Break phrases

Advanced vocabulary doesn't have to mean using long, complicated words that nobody knows the meaning of. You can show that you have an advanced level of English by using metaphorical phrases, idioms, colloquial phrases etc, which give 'colour' to your speech or writing. Learning these phrases and using them will make you sound more like a native speaker and less like an English language learner. In this article about Harrods, there are several phrases/words connected with the word 'break'. They are all highlighted and then explained in the vocabulary glossary at the end.   Harrods have a new idea for selling toys. Read the text and find out what it is. Don’t forget to vote in our survey.


It seems like there is unisex everything at the moment. You see unisex toilets and unisex changing rooms in shops and even unisex clothes. But now the famous London department store Harrods has gone one step further with a groundbreaking idea. Harrods has recently opened the huge 26,000 square foot Toy Kingdom. As amazing as this sounds there is something very special about it as the Toy Kingdom is not your average toy area. It’s very modern and breaks with tradition. In other words, there are no more separate boys and girls toys. Why? Well, because their competition (Hamleys) has done it already and unisex toys seem to be fashionable. These stores are breaking the rules. Many of us are used to having or buying different boys and girls toys. When I was a kid, boys had action men, cars and guns while girls had dolls, doll houses and cleaning toys. It seems that modern toy makers and retailers want to break away from these old-fashioned ideas that these toys create. Why can’t a girl play with cars or a boy with houses? Harrods have broken up the typical shelves of all boy and girl shelves and organised the new area by themes. They’ve definitely broken the mould this time, no more blue for boys and pink for girls. Toy shops and toys may never be the same again. This could be the breakthrough toy makers have been looking for so they can just have 1 toy for everyone. This is extremely useful for families with more than 1 child. They can buy toys that everyone can use, no matter what their sex. It’s a risky make or break move but Harrods seem confident that unisex toys are the future. Whether customers will think the same is not clear yet.  

Break phrases: Advanced Vocabulary

a new amazing idea or invention
breaks with tradition
doesn’t do the same as the others before it
breaking the rules
not following the laws or rules
to break away from
to do something different to the others
broken up
to be divided
broken the mould
to be new and different
an important discovery
make or break 
it will bring success or failure

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