Adjectives + Prepositions: St Paul’s unhappy with Occupy London

Is everyone fed up with demonstrations in London yet? It seems that all we are good at is protesting nowadays – but I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. This current one is part of a global campaign inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, because people are angry about corporate greed. However, the anti-capitalist protestors were upset about not being able to get into the London Stock Exchange so they decided to takeover the nearby area, outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

This was attended by between 2,000 and 3,000 people on Saturday and a lot of people camped in tents over night, and are still camping. As of today, there are now about 500 people with over 100 tents. The general public are surprised by the amount of people who are taking part, while protestors are worried about overcrowding so are looking at other areas to occupy when there’s no more space. Even though it’s all been very peaceful, a spokesman for St Paul’s has said that they are now concerned about the situation. Since it began, the revenue the cathedral makes has fallen by almost half from visitors paying to see inside. Tourists are frightened of all the people and police, so are avoiding the place. A wedding is meant to happen on Saturday but the couple are annoyed at the protestors because they now have to use a different entrance to get into the church. Although I’m not keen on demonstrations, I do think it’s for a valid reason. This situation shows that a lot of people are interested in what happens to our economy and the recklessness of our bankers. However, whether or not camping outside St Paul’s Cathedral will make any difference, I don’t know. Regardless, I’m pleased with people at least trying to make that difference.

Prepositions with Adjectives

We often use prepositions with adjectives, the most common prepositions are in bold. Other, less common, ones we can use are shown in brackets ( ). Also, after prepositions, we use a noun, pronoun or verb-ing. Unhappy with (about) Fed up with Good/bad at Angry about (at) something Upset about (by) Surprised by (at) Worried about Concerned about (by) Frightened of (by) Annoyed at (with, by) Keen on Interested in Pleased with (by)  

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