Adjective + Noun/Music Band vocab: Will Oasis get back together?

Read the article about a possible OASIS reunion. Phrases and vocabulary about bands are printed in bold throughout the text and then explained below to help you. There’s also a section about adjective + noun collocations too and don’t forget to take our short poll to tell us your opinions. You can also check out the new music from both Gallagher brothers in their videos at the end of this post.
Oasis defined the Britpop movement of the early 90’s and became the inspiration for an entire generation of young bands. The group was formed by Noel Gallagher, one of the most popular songwriters in British popular music, and his brother Liam, an outspoken frontman. Their chemistry created a unique style of music but unfortunately their turbulent relationship between the pair was a constant problem.

After years of travelling the world and playing to thousands of fans a minor disagreement snowballed into a huge argument after a Paris gig in 2009. By the end of the night OASIS were no more and the brothers went their separate ways. Although loyal followers were devastated by the news Liam was quoted as saying “I don’t regret having an argument with our kid, I don’t regret the break up, it had to happen.” After over 15 years of being at the top he appears to be happy with what he accomplished: “We smashed it, man. We took it as big as we could. And hey, we inspired a lot of kids”

Since the split both brothers have relaunched their careers and are back on the road yet rumours are circling of a possible reunion. Liam recently suggested they get back together in 2015 for the 20th anniversary of what many agree to be their best album, What’s the story (morning glory). Even though Noel rejected the offer Liam remains optimistic.

In an interview with a leading music magazine, Liam stated that “he’ll come round as soon as he realises he’s not that good without me”. Until then, fans of the Gallaghers can catch Liam on tour with Beady Eye, while Noel is also playing dates as a solo act pushing his number one album entitled High Flying Birds.

The jury is still out as to whether they’ll patch things up, but in the meantime fans can look forward to more upcoming material and tour dates from both brothers.

Adjective+Noun collocations

In English we often add adjectives before nouns to give more information but you can’t just add any adjective. Certain words go together or ‘collocate’. Here’s a list of some from the text:

Popular songwriters
Their songs are liked by many people
Outspoken frontman
Principal member of group who is not afraid to say what he thinks
Unique style
Completely different to others
Turbulent relationship
A very unstable friendship
Constant problem
Always a difficult issue
Huge argument
A very large disagreement
Loyal followers
People who are devoted to others
Upcoming material
New soon to be released music

Phrases/Vocabulary about bands/music groups

Britpop movement
A type of British pop music popular in the 90’s
People who create music and words together
The lead singer of a band
People who like a band
A concert
Break up
When a band stops being together and separates
The split
The event when the group separated
Relaunched their careers
To start new careers
To be/go on the road
To tour
The event when a group reforms
To get back together
To reform
He’ll come round
He will become convinced later
On tour
To play concerts over several dates in different places
Playing dates
Performing at concerts on different days
A solo act
A person who performs alone
To patch things up
To become friends again

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Noel Gallagher – High Flying Birds
Liam Gallagher – Beady Eye

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