Adam & Eve Drinks, Soho Walk, Stomp!, and 5 a-side football!

This week has been cold, but, apart from Monday which was quite grey, we’ve had quite a lot of blue sky, and today it has just got much warmer, strangely! Ah, the British weather never ceases to amaze… Anyway, this week on the Social Programme… Amy and Alex accompanied a little group to the pub on Monday, and discussed wine with the students. They realised that different countries have very different approaches to it. In France for example, at the restaurant, people will choose what they eat, and then choose the wine that will suit their menu best. In England however, people tend to first choose the wine (just so there is something to drink on the table) and then order their food…

Well, that was one of the things they discussed anyway – it’s “pub talk”! On Tuesday, Owen was lucky to have some nice & dry weather, although it was quite chilly… He lead the Soho walk, down from the school to the trendy (and gay) area of the West-End, and continued down to Leicester Square (where the film premières usually take place) and down to Trafalgar Square and Whitehall – finishing the journey at the Houses of Parliament & Big Ben. The most exciting thing however happened before they started the walk: Right in front of the school there is a church, and in this church on Tuesday was  held the funeral of a Labour Party MP, and a “small sea” of journalists were waiting for various politicians to arrive… (Gavin wrote a blog about it). The students who hung around saw Gordon Brown, the previous Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and lots of others, who may not have been quite so well-known but important political personalities anyway…

Excitement on Margaret Street, and front row seats for the school! It was Owen’s theatre deal taking place on Wednesday, with Stomp! – A great musical, with no dialogue, only music created from everyday objects: Pans, bins, plastic bags, cigarette lighters… And some great dancing! The 20 students who attended really enjoyed it, although some seemed to think the show had aged a little and was not quite up to date…

Finally, tonight Thursday, Gavin & Charlie are heading down to Brixton to play a 5 a-side match with students – I say students and not boys because there are some girls playing which is great!! I don’t envy them I have to say, it’s a little too cold for me (and I really cannot play football!) but I’m sure they’re having a good time as I type away! Tomorrow is Friday and I hope you enjoy your weekend and that you have lots of exciting things lined up. Join us next week for more walks, theatre trips and… Afternoon Tea is back! Don’t miss it, it’s yummy! See you then!

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