Accent reduction: Native Speaker speech pattern copying

You were promised some accent reduction training in yesterday’s blog, so here it is! At the end of this blog RECORD YOURSELF saying the example sentences – I will get back to you to try to help you improve your English accent.

In the latest Real and Relevant conversation podcast (also available on itunes), you could hear teacher, Melissa’s clear English accent. She speaks with a received pronunciation accent and it may be difficult to completely sound like her, but there are certain elements of her speech that we can copy to sound a bit more like a native speaker… and less like someone who is learning English. English has quite a different rhythm to other languages. It’s a bit kind of stop – start. We put vocal stress (and maybe slow down) on the words we think are important and hold the key information. Conversely, we speed up with things like grammar words that we don’t think are too important.

Accent Reduction Training

Listen to each sentence that Melissa says and then try to copy exactly HOW she says it. You should try to match your pronunciation with the same speed, tempo and stops and starts. Pay special attention to the stressed words in each sentence which carry the important meaning.

Sentence 1

Yeah and then you’re just sitting at your table you’re not interacting with anyone else in the pub or in the bar. You’re just sitting with your friends. 1_in the bar_Accent softening

Sentence 2

No you don’t want too much because it is quite strong the flavour is quite strong so just a little bit is enough 2_the flavour_accent training

Sentence 3

Although it’s different to ours because it’s all table service. Like when people come here they’re always really surprised that they have to go up and get their own drinks 3_drinks_accent reduction

Record your Voice

1. Press COMMENT in the box below   1 (b). Click RECORD. Then Register with Voicethread – it’s FREE and VERY QUICK   2. Record yourself saying the sentences like Melissa with your computer microphone. – Click RECORD. Then ALLOW (to make your microphone work) – If you don’t like what you say, click CANCEL. – When you are happy with what your sentence, click SAVE. – Then click the RIGHT ARROW to go to the next slide and record that sentence.   3. Remember to say your NAME at the end (so I know who is speaking)… please also leave a written comment, so that I know you’ve left a voice message   Then I will respond and tell you how to make your English accent better!

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