A Win from SGI United!! (and other social events…)

Highlight of the week? Wednesday's 5 aside football match! Gavin's Devils versus Charlie's Angels… The Devils opened the score early in the match, but the Angels came back and headed for 10:8… but in the end Gavin's team got the better of Charlie's and the final score was to be 14:12 to the Devils… SGI against SGI seemed to bring up some confidence in the players, and they were very keen to participate in another 11 aside match…. which is now schedule to happen on the 7th of October against the company "Capita". Location is to be confirmed, but interested students should speak to Gavin or Charlie! On Monday Sonia & Julia took a group of new and former students to the Cock (a traditional English pub around the corner from the school) to welcome them to SGI, or to the start of another week! Everyone got a free drink and met other students from other classes… Always a good way to end a Monday! Finally on Thursday, Amy took a group to the Imperial War Museum, South of the River Thames. Most students quickly got dispersed and visited the many floors and different exhibitions, while Amy went around with 2 students, first having a look at the heavy war machinery, stopping to have a peek in the old periscope lens (you can see as far as St Paul's Cathedral!); Then they had a look at a really thought provoking exhibit: a bombed car brought back from Baghdad, Iraq. The artist, by displaying this, wants to bring the reality of the situation in Iraq to people in England. The car has been shown in many different museums around the country but has now been donated to the Imperial War Museum in London. Other exhibitions include the Holocaust Exhibition, telling the story of the Nazis' persecution of the Jews and other groups; The Crime against Humanity Exhibition, concentrating on genocides in Cambodia, East Timor, Rwanda (and unfortunately more…) Quoting Amy: "This isn't exactly an uplifting museum, but it is really well organised and presented, and very interesting." This is it for the week. Join us in the afternoons next week for Bowling with Charlie, and the Science Museum with Sonia! And of course, the Monday Drinks with Amy!

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