A Walk under the Thames Bridges, Welcome Drinks, Tea Time, and Chicago the Musical!

This week on the Social Programme! On Monday, Alex and I went to the Adam & Eve pub with a rather small crowd, only about 8 students were attracted to the free drink offer… We all sat at one table, borrowing stools and chairs from all around. We drank beers, glasses of coke, a few hot chocolates, and chatted about our weekends, last week’s musical, expressions in different countries and how they can’t be translated, music… The usual pub-talk really! On Tuesday, Owen had 12 students on his walk under the bridges. Monday’s weather had been quite foggy and wet, but they were lucky for as Tuesday was bright and… not exactly warm, but mild. The walk took about an hour and a half, going along the north bank of the river Thames. Owen, as usual, entertained the students with lots of facts and stories about the area, and the students very much enjoyed their time!   On Wednesday, Hannah & Julia went to our favourite afternoon tea place: Brown’s in Covent Garden. It’s a kind of brasserie / restaurant which serves lots of lovely English food (Yes it can be lovely!) and they enjoyed a big pot of tea, scones – a traditional English pastry in which you add clotted cream and jam – and little cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. Oh, I’d almost forgotten the big tray of delicious cakes! Chocolate, lemon… yum yum!           On Thursday we didn’t have anything going on because the Musical outing of the week is taking place right now in Covent Garden. The students and Owen have just set off to see “Chicago”, the great jazzy musical – remember the film with Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger? That’s the story, but live! I’m sure they’re having a great time, and as usual with Owen, for a great price! Next week will see the usual welcome drinks, a walk around the royal gardens, a “Rock n’Roll” musical and a little visit to the Natural History museum to check out all those dinosaurs! Join us!  

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