A Walk through Soho, a Trip to Camden, Thriller the Musical and the Southbank

Another busy week over! On Monday we had a trip from Westminster to Soho and back to the Adam & Eve pub for a well-deserved drink… Owen shared his knowledge of the area, we went passed Big Ben, Downing St (the Prime Minister's residence), Trafalgar Square, having a little look at Nelson's column, Owen told the story of how his body was brought back to London from the battle of Trafalgar where he was killed… Interesting, but you'll have to come on the walk to hear the details! We then headed North through Leicester Square (pronounced "Lester") and Chinatown. We then entered Theatre Land (Owen's favourite bit) and walked down Old Compton Street, and around 5.15pm we got back to the Adam & Eve. We all had a drink and a chat, and even met other SGI students who had not wanted to do the walk, but in the SGI Monday tradition, had gone straight to the pub!             On Tuesday, I was on duty again and guided a big group to Camden Town. When I first arrived in london, and visited Camden for the first time, I wasn't very adventurous, and thought the market was quite small, I had only visited the first part… After a while I realised that it was a LOT bigger, and so I guided the students halfway. We stopped by the canal and I explained that from there, they could go in any direction and find food, handicraft,  clothes, souvenirs… and also branded items that may not all be genuine! One of the great things about Camden is that it's one of the only places in London where you can haggle a little bit (argue the prices!) so you can buy things for a little bit cheaper than in the Oxford Street shops for example.. On Wednesday, Owen took a group to see Thriller! the musical. It's a great show, really fun, with, obviously, excellent music (well, if you like Michael Jackson of course!) and the 6 different actors (and actresses) who play Michael really put on a show. The songs start from the early Jackson 5 hits, where Michael is played by a young boy, and go on to his later songs. If you're a fan, you'll really enjoy it..               Finally yesterday, Gavin and I (again!) went down for a bit of history and art, on the Southbank. We took the tube to St Paul's Cathedral and had a quick look inside – there is a charge to visit it properly, but if you want to go to mass, then you can enter for free, you just have to check the times of the mass. At the moment, a protest is going on in front of the cathedral, an anti-capitalist protest. People have set up camp, put up banners and… well, to be completely honest, not much else is happening. There were no chants, real demonstration, it was very quiet. Maybe it was the end of the day! After this we crossed the Millennium Bridge  and headed down to the Globe Theatre – we had a quick look inside the gate, where, on the paved floor, you can see the names of all the people who donated money to help build the theatre, a few celebrities are on the list! Finally we went into the huge Tate Modern, and well… after about 5 minutes, all the students had dispersed, all wanting to visit different things, and I believe they enjoyed the visit! Next week we'll be back at the pub on Monday, then we'll go on another walk with Owen, the "Royal Gardens Walk", we'll have an Agatha Christie play on Wednesday and a trip to Greenwich finally on Thursday! Have a great weekend and I hope you'll join us next week!


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