A Visit to the Pub & a Play by Agatha Christie

I hope you had a good week wherever you are! Here it was quite eventful! We had lots of students this week, and a special event on Thursday night, which went really well… But, on the usual Social Programme, Melissa accompanied a little group of 6 students on Monday to the Cock, our local pub. She came back saying she'd had some very interesting conversation regarding topics such as the freedom of the press in Russia, where the government tried, but didn't manage, to ban internet blogging sites… They also had a chat about childhood dreams, with one of the students telling the others that she was thinking of leaving her full time job as a financial consultant to become a professional footballer! Finally they had a more light hearted chat about good places to eat near the school, Melissa recommending visiting places like Charlotte or Wardour Street in Soho, where you can find lots of great little restaurants…

The next event was Owen and his Theatre Deal on Wednesday: This week he had cheap tickets to see the MouseTrap – a play based on the story from Agatha Christie. The show was good, although a little difficult to understand for the lower level students – One of my student was shushed (shhhhhh) by other members of the audience for trying to get her friend to translate or help her with the dialogue… – And some of the feedback I got was that the seats were a little high, and a little too much at the back of the theatre – so far actually that some of the students could only see the actors' heads!! No worries though, we usually get very good tickets from Owen, so I'm sure the next one (in 2 weeks) will be great… This was it for the Weekly Social Programme this week… To read about the Easter Treasure Hunt, look out for the post coming soon!

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