A Scary Play, a Surprisingly Sunny Boat Trip, a Football Match and the usual Welcome Drinks

The sunshine is finally back with us in London, and this weekend is supposed to be a HOT one! Here, it's like Spring forgot to arrive in March, and showed up in June instead, but it's now over… or so we hope!

This week on the social we had Kevin on duty with the welcome drinks at the pub on Monday. The summer season has started, and thirsty students have arrived so he had a fairly big group of about 20 people. They had a chat about the best things to do in london, and he recommended taking a boat trip to Greenwich at the weekend (Saturday preferably, for the market). The trip on the river takes about 40 minnutes, but if it's sunny it's really enjoyable! He also recommended spending some time in the parks, and the many markets. One student, Fabio, was keen to practise his Latino dancing skills, and Kevin told him about a Salsa bar in Piccadilly… Finally, a student discovered that the Cock (the pub) served Cherry Beer. He ordered this, and it caught on like wildfire! Quite a few people came back to Kevin changing their orders to one of these! On Tuesday, our Theatre Savvy Teacher organised a scary night at "The Woman in Black", a classic Ghost Story at the theatre. The students really enjoyed it, and also said it was much easier to understand than last week's Shakespeare (+ they were sitting down!!). The story is about a London solicitor who travels to a deserted part of the country to attend the funeral of one of his firm's clients, and sort out her papers… when he catches a glimpse of a woman dressed in black… Who is she? Why is she there, lurking around the house and grounds?? Really good show, and for a great discounted price! £17.50 instead of £45 – Thanks Owen!! On Wednesday, new teacher Hannah took a rather small group on a Thames boat trip! The weather was so strange on Wednesday that we can't blame the students for not having wanted to go on a possibly very cold cruise on the river, but the three who went were actually very lucky, and (see pictures) the sun WAS out! They went to Westminster Pier, took a few pictures of Big Ben, climbed aboard the boat… On these boats, the staff usually does a little tour talk of the journey, and they're quite funny. They also learned that Wharf (as in Canary Wharf, Butler's Wharf…) is an acronym of: Wharehouse at riverfront… Actually, I didn't know that either!  From Westminster pier, they travelled down to the Tower of London Pier. There, they took a little walk down to the lovely area of St Katherine's Docks, and its luxury boats, had a drink at starbucks gazing at them, and went off on their way! Finally on Thursday, Gavin and Kevin lead the SGI football team to Westminster where they met up with the Capita Team. Unfortunately, the Capita team was only made up of two people! The names of teams were therefore changed to the Under 20s Team, and the over 30s Team. Feedback was as follows: it was a well fought contest. Whilst the "Oldies" lost, they held their own, and it was a competitive match ending with 12 to the Under 20s – 9 to the Over 30s. However… technically, the oldies may have won, according to Kevin. Near the end of the game, the losing team at the time said: "Next Goal Wins!", which is easy enough to understand. They then, scored a goal! So, who do you think won? Any players or supporters who were involved, please feel free to comment! Right, this is it for this week! Next week, we have a whole collection of Museums to discover, so join us then, and have a great weekend in the meantime!

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