A Rock & Roll Musical, a Royal Walk, some Natural History & the usual Welcome Drinks!

On Monday, Nicky and Alex took the students to the Adam & Eve pub, around the corner, for the usual Welcome Drinks (which everyone can attend – old & new students alike..). It was Nicky’s first time on the social and she did very well, sending me photos afterwards and letting me know what had been discussed. There were about 12 students this week, and they had a funny conversation about the business teachers: Who would be more likely to do a belly dance: Dan or Charlie?! The students seemed to conclude it would be Dan… They also discussed the Festive Season approaching, plans for Christmas, typical festive dishes and gift ideas…         On Tuesday, Owen & Gavin went on a walk with a fair few students, and braved the weather for a while, going to St James Park, waving at the Queen at Buckingham Palace while listening to Owen’s stories about the Royal Family and their links to the various London Parks… However, the weather being quite unstable, and it the end, just awful, they had to abandon their wandering half an hour before the usual end time… Shame, but you can’t fight November weather for too long!   On Wednesday, Owen organised a musical: Dreamboats & Petticoats. Now we had a little disappointment last week when the students’ seats at “Chicago” turned out not to be the best seats in the house… But this week all was well, and the feedback I got was: “Fantastic!” – From what I understood, the audience actually had to take part in the dancing at some stage! The costumes were said to have been great, as well as the music, although all the song were not known to all students (what was famous in the UK in the 60s may not have been exactly the same in other countries!) They really enjoyed it anyway… Finally on Friday, Amy & Hannah headed off to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. They thought it was really good, they visited the Dinosaurs exhibition where they even saw a moving life-size reproduction of a ty-rex. Amy & Hannah were asked some fairly difficult translations of scientific words, but couldn’t answer them!! Obviously, us teachers don’t have all the answers!! They also went to the Darwin Centre, and tried to find a jar in which Darwin himself placed a bird in order to preserve it… But it was hidden and they couldn’t find it! And that’s it for the week! Join us next week for more exciting events!

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