A quiet return at SGI after the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday

And I'm back, after a lovely week of holiday in Cornwall in the West of England, where the water is turquoise and the sky is blue (no, I'm not joking!!) This week we didn't have as many events as expected. Monday was another bank holiday, and although the school was open in the morning, we decided that everyone would rather go home and do their own things than stay in the local pub with their teacher BUT the free drinks are BACK next week, so join us then! On Tuesday, Charlie took a little group to Pimlico, and they visited the Tate Britain museum. No, not the Tate modern, but his little brother, which displays mostly British art. There was one Italian student, one French and two Russian ones. They enjoyed the exhibits, and after about 20 minutes went their own ways around the place, without the need for a guide. Highlight of the event? The many bust (or torso) sculptures, part of a special "human body" exhibition taking place at the moment. On Wednesday I met 4 disappointed students in front of the school, disappointed because I had to bring them the bad news: Owen, our professional tour guide and theatre deals king, was ill, and therefore couldn't do his walk! but… I did talk to him today Thursday, and he is better and off right now with, well, one student who was interested, on his 2000 years of history of London walk – travelling through some of the oldest parts of London to see Roman ruins and tell lots of stories and anecdotes about the place. At least that student gets a very interesting walk, alone with the guide, that's service! Next week we'll have our free drinks back on track on Monday, then on Tuesday we'll have the rescheduled visit to Camden Market (if you haven't been yet, you cannot miss that!). Finally on Thursday, we happen to have two great events! The decision will be yours: Football – lead SGI to Victory against the evil "Avalon School of English"; or Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Globe Theatre – FOR £5 ONLY!! Hoping to see you next week, enjoy the rest of your week – and your weekend!

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