A Primary School Reunion

Old Nothing makes you feel old like an invitation to a primary school reunion. 27 long years ago I walked into that classroom for the first time and felt lost and alone because I didn’t understand a word. Like many teachers I have quite an international background; the school was in Vienna and the invitation which landed in my email inbox last week was in German. Memories Nothing brings back memories like an invitation to a primary school reunion. I remember the freedom of finishing school at lunchtime every day, the long summers, my red and yellow BMX bike, playing football, watching football and wearing the purple football kit of Austria Wien. Good and Bad Nothing makes you think about good and bad teachers like an invitation to a primary school reunion. My first teacher was a kind one who helped me through those first months. But she soon went on maternity leave and her substitute was less patient. I don’t have many memories of studying hard and maybe that influenced her attitude towards me. I’ll never forget the day she screamed at me in front of the rest of the class. “You disgusting little boy! How dare you sit there farting!” I went red in the face, not with shame but with a sense of injustice. All I had was a bad case of hiccups which I had been trying to hide! Inspire Nothing inspires big decisions like bad memories but I guess I have to thank that teacher all those years ago for making me angry enough to want to become a teacher myself.

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