A Musical with Very Long Legs, Fresh Japanese Food and a Scary Walk among Rats!

Ooh it's been so cold!!  But we've had a good time nevertheless. On Monday, surprise surprise, we went to the Adam & Eve! Christmas is approaching fast now and it's being discussed! What are British Christmas traditions, and how do they compare to other countries'…? Students also had quite a serious discussion about CVs, and how the absence of photographs on British ones helps eliminate discrimination… There was also a doctor among the crowd and they had a little discussion on doctors' work, quite lively as some other students were so scared of blood! Finally the discussion returned to Christmas and shopping, and the best places to go in London. While all this was taking place, another group decided that it would be a lot more interesting to play cards! (see photo)         On Tuesday, Owen took a group to see a show: "Crazy for You". The feedback was: great music, acting, costumes, and show! And… Lovely ladies with very long legs! (this was feedback from male students!) They got the tickets for a great price as usual, thanks Owen! Next week… Thriller!     On Wednesday Hannah and myself took 11 students to "Soho Japan", a little restaurant 5 minutes away from the school. It's not a chain, it's a lovely little independent Japanese, and the food is affordable and fresh. The sushi were really tender and tasty. Most students had sushi or tempura, a few had salads and one or two had warm dishes which looked very very nice.. We had a good time, chatting about lots of different things, while drinking Japanese beer for some, green tea for others!   Finally yesterday, Owen went to explore the "mean streets of London", following in the footsteps of London's worst killer: Jack the Ripper! 8 students accompanied him and his little dog Jess and stepped back in time to 1888… The days are short at the moment in London, and while they were walking through the very dark and atmospheric areas of East London, listening to Owen's great story telling, and learning all about Jack's story, a rat appeared out of a dark corner, a student's scream resounded in the alley, and it just completed the dark and scary theme of the walk! There we are then, another week, and only two left before the Xmas holidays! Thank you to all who attended this week's events, and we hope to see you next week! Have a great weekend, and stay warm!!

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