A Hot Thames Cruise, a Pub Crawl, a City Walk, a Crazy Musical, Culture or Football and Afternoon Tea my Dear…

What a busy week on the social! We had double events almost all week! We've had a little photo delivery problem and so I only have a few to share with you for now, but they will be added as I receive them… A little later next week probably! On Monday, Kevin & Abby went on a river cruise on the Thames. It was a LOVELY day for it, very sunny and very hot… A litlle drink on the river, which is always a little fresher anyway, must have been a treat for a first day in London, and a lovely way to end the first day of studies! Later on that afternoon, Alex & Ben met a group of 15 students and went to the local pub, the Cock, for a welcome drink. They then moved on the another pub, the Adam & Eve, and had another drink there… A little vocabulary: That's called a "Pub Crawl"! On Tuesday, Owen and Kevin took the students around the city on the earlier event, and explored the area around St Paul's Cathedral… Again, compared to a few weeks ago when the group got drenched and had to take cover in a Soho bar, this week's walk took place in bright sunshine! Very nice!

Later on, it was Owen again accompanying a group to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Adapted for the theatre, this is the story of a bunch of transvetites travelling through Australia in a campervan, very funny, lots of singing and dancing and very extravagant costumes! The introductions goes like this: "Good Evening Ladies and… Ladies!             On Wednesday, Sean took a group to South Kensington and they had a look around the Victoria & Albert Museum, which is usually very popular, however this week, the students were not very impressed, so Sean had to think of a plan B and they ended up having a walk around the beautiful Hyde Park, and finishing off at the pub for a nice cold drink!       Later, Gavin and Kevin went to Westminster, just next to the Houses of Parliament, with a group of keen footballers and they played a match on the side of the Thames. This week, England (helped by a German) won vs the Rest of the World, and the students are calling for a re-match (happening next Wednesday). We will have to buy a new football though, as one of the players kicked the SGI ball into the Thames!!!       Finally yesterday, David and I guided a group of 22 students to the lovely Brown's Brasserie on St Martin's Lane. We were served Afternoon Tea, with the usual scones, clotted cream, infamous cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches… Quite a mix altogether, but it's so nice!! We had a good time, and didn't even get very wet on the way (yesterday was not quite as nice as the start of the week!)                 Tonight the teachers are off to the pub for a leaving do, one of the team is leaving, moving to Italy, and we'll be giving him a good send off! Have a great weekend, look out for the social events next week, and for special announcements… See you!

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