A Few Comments from Current SGI Students!

We have a bit of a special blog today. Instead of telling you what's happened this week (and last week) I'm letting the students take over. Hopefully you'll get a little feel of what it's like to join the Social Programme! Just so you know, this week we had Pub on Monday, Owen & Jess's 2000 years of London History Walk on Tuesday, The Phantom of the Opera – Musical on Wednesday, and yesterday Gavin and Charlie went and played 7 a-side football with the boys (and a few girls!) We also had the SGI Halloween Party on Friday the 4th, if you have any pictures you'd like to share, do get in touch! Now, over to the students… Halloween Party & General Comments:

"I enjoyed the Halloween party because a teacher (Amy) put make up on me to make me look like a ghost, some people wore costumes, and I had fun with all the other students! I also love the theatre nights, and would like to go more and more!"

"The party was really great. There were many people and I could meet and speak with a lot of people. The teacher put make up on people and everybody looked crazy! We could get many types of food and drinks and everybody danced, it was really fun! The social programme is good to meet other people and learn about English culture."

"I like the social programme, it's a good way to meet people from other classes, unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult if you have one to one classes in the afternoon, or if the social programme starts late and you have to hang around…" – Marco from Germany – Business Class

"In general, the social programme is interesting and useful for students who have just arrived in London. Owen has taught me a lot of things about London, such as the history of the city and famous places… Other activities like parties, pub drinks and football are so cool, and students have many opportunities to get to know each other"

"The social programme is useful and I really like it. They do lots of things, keep it up!"

"We really enjoy going to the theatre with the school because the musicals & plays on offer are always very interesting and the price is cheaper than if you buy tickets at the theatre. Furthermore, Owen is a fantastic tour guide and he makes you want to join the social programme… YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO OWEN!"

"The Halloween party was a great party because beer was free (it's a very important thing!) but nobody wore scary costumes apart from the teachers, so that was a little bit disappointing to be honest, but not really… The music game was nice… A short movie game would have been brilliant too, I like that kind of game. Thanks for the great Halloween party! The Monday social programme is great because you get a free drink! And I like the walks, everytime it's fascinating! The Jack the Ripper walk was SO interesting, not just for the history, but Owen told the story too… I'd like to go ghost walking!"

Unfortunately, the students didn't leave their names on the comments page!! (apart from Marco…) So if you recognise yourself, let me know who you are! Thank you for all the good comments, and I'll take the more negative ones in consideration and see what I can do to make the programme even better! Do post me a line if you have something you'd like to share, and look out for updates as the Halloween pics will be published shortly. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

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