A Bit of Modern Art, a Little Dirty Dancing, Some Good Football, and the Usual Free Drinks!

And Spring has finally arrived! Is this why people have started to disappear after their afternoon classes? To go and enjoy the the sun (or the milder weather anyway…)? Maybe…

There was a record low on Monday at the pub with Amy… the social that she almost forgot about!! 4 students only – amazing! Well they had a good chat anyway, talking about setting up a Video Games business in the Euston area… Interesting! They also talked about France, which some of the students said they hated… Strange! Finally they got to politics, and the situation in Portugal, the bailout from the European Central Bank…

On Tuesday, Julia had 3 students on her visit to the Tate Modern, the best Modern Art Gallery in the world. They spent a little while looking at the 100,000,000 porcelain sunflower seeds in the turbine hall (the first big area you see when you enter) – debating whether they were really all made of porcelain… Who knows? For the rest of the visit, there were the usual comments, such as: "I could do this myself!" – That's something that I believe we all feel about modern art sometimes! In the end, they agreed that the best items on display were the sculptures, in particular, some tubular sculpture hanging from the ceiling, the tubes being all intertwined… Sounds good!

On Wednesday, we had the musical version of Dirty Dancing for which we got a little more interest, a few more people, and the feedback I got was very positive. So thank you Owen for this great discount, as usual, you hit the spot! (£22.50 instead of £65!!)

Finally, yesterday, the football boys took a little group to Brixton to play a five a side game. For this, Charlie gave me a report:

"The teachers, David (a Spanish student), Masaki (an ex-student) and John, one of Gavin's friends, played in one team. The students: Alex, Mohamed and a few others played against them.

The teachers' team quickly took the lead and thought they might just run away with it, but the students' team fought back hard, and the score at half time had reach 5 all. Not long after the start of the second half, the students' team lost a player (a Brixton kid who had joined in), but… Ironically, they really up their game from that point, turned on the style, Alex was showboating and firing goals at the teachers left right and centre! The game ended 15-9 to the students!"

What Alex had forgotten to mention before the match, was that he used to play with the St Petersburg Academy… when they won the UEFA Cup 3 years ago… this explains that! – He was named MAN of the MATCH for yesterday's performance, and Charlie and Gavin were very very impressed…  

This is it for now. Next week we'll have the usual welcome drinks, a walk in trendy Soho with Owen, and a visit to the Imperial War Museum – See you then!

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