A bit of Chicago, a Royal Walk, a Royal Tea and the Welcome Drinks!

Friday and Sunny, Great! Hannah and Grace had lots and lots of students on Monday for the welcome drinks! Probably because they're such a great way to start the week, and to end the first day in a new school, in a new city… And because they're also so popular with our long term students… On Monday there was a definite taste for beer, mostly, and a few glasses of wine. Hannah told me there was talk of living in London, the best places in their opinions (apparently Wimbledon & Willesden Junction are popular…) Personally I live in a part of London that's like a little village, very "self sufficient", on the top of a hill… and I love it: Crystal Palace. There were not as many Spanish students anymore this week, but the Italians and the French are in majority, along with Japanese students, South Korean ones, a few Russian one and more… a real mix.

On Tuesday, Owen introduced a new walking tour, which was very popular, although rather long… Alex joined in to help move the big crowd along and ensure no one got lost at traffic lights or in the parks! They went to lots of green places which all have a link to the Royal Family, past and present: From Princess Diana's residence in Kensington to Buckingham Palace. One of the highlights was also the 7th July monument in Hyde Park which commemorates the attack on Londoners & the London transport system that happened in  2005. On Wednesday, Kevin and I took a group of 40 people for Afternoon Tea at Brown's. We did scare the staff a little bit as we arrived, as I had told them we would be 30, and there were 10 more people to sit! They were very good though, and although we had to wait a little while to be seated, the service was great. We had lots of cakes and tea and scones and the famous cucumber sandwiches (which Kevin and I finished at our table! We Brits love them!) and everyone was happy and full by the end! Finally yesterday, there was a slight problem and we had to cancel Billy Elliot – the musical, because of a mix up with the availability at the theatre (not our fault!!) but Owen managed to organise another show at the last minute, and he took 39 students to Chicago, which is also a great show, with great music, singing and a cool story line. Everyone was happy again! This is it for this week, but, next week is a special one… Usual great outings Monday to Thursday, AND the first SGI Friday Night Event of the summer!! Look out for posters for more details… Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!   

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