£64 million lottery: Lottery Vocabulary

A British resident lost out on £64m this month. Yes, you read it right sixty four million pounds.

The precise amount was actually £63,837,543.60. It was the prize from the EuroMillions Lottery but it was never given to the ticket holder. The man or woman didn’t claim the money but no one understands why.

The lottery organisers know the ticket was sold in a town called Stevenage, located in Hertfordshire. Thousands of local residents looked for the winning ticket but nobody found it or the owner. People across the country and the world have no clue as to why the buyer of the ticket never came forward.

The almost £65m jackpot is the biggest ever unclaimed in the history of the lottery. The sum was so large because the winning ticket contained all 5 numbers and lucky star numbers. The mystery man or woman missed out on one of the biggest lottery wins in history.

Maybe they lost the ticket or just didn’t check the numbers. Whatever the reason, they let a millionaire’s lifestyle slip through their fingers. That kind of money could buy you almost anything and it would mean you would never need to work again.

But it’s not all bad news because unclaimed lottery wins generally go to the National Lottery Good Causes scheme as well as the interest. It is then distributed to organisations like The Arts Council and Sport England.

This is not the first large unclaimed amount this year though. A total of £15,084,539.80 is still waiting to be claimed. The lottery organisers even know the names of the cities where the tickets were bought but not the names of the people or where they live.

A £500,000 jackpot ticket was bought from a shop in Haringey London only last month but it hasn’t been seen since.

Possibly the unluckiest city is England is Doncaster where 2 unlucky residents failed to collect a £9.4m and £7m jackpot  prize.

Whoever these people are they must be kicking themselves to know that they missed a once in a lifetime opportunity of becoming incredibly rich.

Lottery Vocabulary

lost out on
failed to win or receive something
claim the money
to say that something is yours and collect it
came forward
to present themselves as the winner
when nobody says the ticket is theirs
missed out on
failed to win or receive something
let a millionaire’s lifestyle slip through their fingers
to have and lose the chance to become very rich
failed to collect
when someone does not go to get/pick up something
kicking themselves
to be angry with what you did and to blame it on yourself
once in a lifetime opportunity
never to be repeated

What could you do with £64m?

1) Pay the wages of the players of Manchester City football team for
one season.

2) Buy a £5m Sunseeker yacht and sail around the world.

3) Pick up a Lear jet for £4m… and learn to fly it.

4) Purchase a Lamborghini Aventador for only £253,000.

5) Give all the money to charity.

What would YOU do with £64m?

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