5 things you never knew about St George

Saint George is the patron saint (a special protector for a country) of England. Today, the 23rd of April is the saint day of Saint George. As SGI is named after George, then I think we should all know a little bit about him…

Saint George's Day

5 things you never knew about Saint George

1. William Shakespeare was born AND died on 23rd April 2. St George is celebrated in the following countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania & Serbia 3. Saint George International English school originally opened in London in George Street on April 23rd, 1962 4. In Dracula, it states that bad things happen on St George’s Day: … she went on: “It is the eve of St. George’s Day. Do you not know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway?” 5. In Hungary, the police also honour St George as their patron saint.   BONUS: 6. Max Loach, the school director of SGI is a direct descendant of Saint George …. well, that is what Max tells everyone who will listen! 🙂

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