5 best reasons for teenagers to go to English summer school camp

Teenagers have so much fun being away from home at English summer school, but there are several reasons why studying English during the summer holiday gives your child big advantages to their life in general.

At SGI’s English Summer school camp for 2015 in the beautiful grounds of the famous Ardingly School in the English countryside, your child will gain from the following 5 benefits…

1. Huge improvement in level of English

At and English summer school camp teenagers are immersed in English and there is no hiding place. While this may be uncomfortable for the first few days (like any new ‘job’), it soon becomes the normal way of life and not a problem. When you are constantly communicating in a foreign language (even during meal times), improvement comes very quickly. Imagine how much better your child’s English will be after one-month of almost constant English practice.

2. Boost in self-esteem

In addition to enjoyable English lessons with young, energetic and inspiring teachers, there are lots of other sports and social activities to indulge in at an English summer school camp. Getting involved in group activities in lessons and social activities keeps teens away from computers, games consoles and mobile phone screens: real world activities that require them to constantly overcome minor difficulties. The ‘pride in achieving things’ gives a great boost to self-esteem for any child and leaves them feeling good about themselves and happier.

3. Help with higher education and employability

University admission offices and human resources departments both look for applicants who contain that ‘something extra’ . To get on the best courses for medicine, law, the sciences, increasingly a student needs to show that they have academic-type interests that they follow in their spare time. For employers, who understand that learning a language takes real time and commitment, this proves that a person has the ability to apply themselves to new and (sometimes) uncomfortable situations.

4. Improve your child’s mother-tongue language

This seems incredible, but research has shown that learning a foreign language actually increases the understanding of your native language and improves comprehension and reading skills.

5. Helps your child to make friends

Being in a new country and new school with children from all around the world forces teens to step out of their comfort zone and actively form new relationships and make friends with their classmates. Navigating and building friendships helps children to become more confident in social situations and is a fantastic life skill that cannot be taught, but only learnt through active practice.


To find out more information about SGI’s special English summer school in the UK for 2015, PLEASE CLICK HERE to go to our dedicated website.

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