20 Day English – Day 6: Upper intermediate idioms quiz

Idioms are those phrases in English like “It’s not my cup of tea”. A group of words that when put together have a meaning that is completely different than the individual words would suggest.

There are really common idioms that students learn even at beginner level, like the one above with that famous cup of tea, meaning (I don’t like that thing) or “it’s a piece of cake” (meaning – it’s very easy)

However, today the SGI 20 Day Challenge quiz will test some less common idioms that you might perhaps not study in a English textbook, but nonetheless, they are known and used by the majority of native English speakers. So, the idioms that you will see in the test are well worth learning as they will be a nice boost to your English skills – and that’s what the 20 day English challenge is all about. See you tomorrow for another quick quiz!

Best of luck luck with today’s Upper Int Idioms.

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